Last week, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Steve Wozniak (Woz), the co-founder of Apple for an in-depth interview about the startup days of Apple. 

In the interview Woz opens up about: 

1. How he and Steve Jobs found the seed capital to build their first product 
2. The most challenging part of growing from a seed company working from home to the most valuable company in the world 
3. His very honest opinion on what Steve Jobs was great at, and what his stark weaknesses were

To me, Apple exemplifies a great business partnership.

Woz was the computer scientist; the product guy. Jobs was the visionary and the leader both internally and externally. Mike Markkula, came in as an investor and mentor to Jobs before the release of the Apple 2, at which point Markkula had as much of the company as Woz and Jobs.

The dynamic between these three components was a key driver in the holistic success Apple was able to achieve. 

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